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Description of affiliate programs we suggest

Program #1 - affiliate links to our sites

Program #2 - your own international dating site (white label dating)

There is some information on this affiliate program

The data concerns unlimited number of your own sites with your domain names, unlimited SEO optimization, number of affiliate links to the site and dating sites with Russian women and Western men. There are also such opportunities as ability to edit interface design, to use detailed sites, web affiliate links and detailed search engine statistics. Two tier affiliate program is also available.

There you can earn money

One from six men, coming to our site, becomes a paid member, the one who will bring income to you. Also you'll get a commission of 50% from every subscription and for every membership payment and 10 cents for every profile we approve and for every person joining the site (only for men from US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand). You can get income by involving other people to our site and webmasters from Rus-women.com. What's more, all money for showing banners on your site is yours without any commission to us.
You should keep in mind, that every new partner brings you 15% of income. You can receive money twice a month if the sum is more than 50$. Methods of payment are PayPal, Wire Transfer. If there is no opportunity to use such methods, money can be sent by any possible way but the sum for remittance is taken away from your account.

Affiliate programs we offer to use

Program #1 - affiliate links to our sites:

The simplest thing you can do is to create a link to our sites, the number of which is unlimited. After you create different links on different sites, pages and so on, you may choose the best ones and the most effective.

Program #2 - your own international dating site (white label dating):

You have an opportunity to get your own dating site with your domain name. There you can change design as you like. Though there are some default designs available, you may alter them greatly by making some visual changes according to your desire. As an additional opportunity you can place banners on your site without any commission to us.

The number of such sites is not restricted. It is very convenient for SEO masters. You can create the desired number of web sites optimized for certain keywords. What is more, you can have the whole system of reciprocal linking where all your sites can be integrated. And there is an opportunity to use statistics to check how many people come to your site and register there.

So your international dating sites may have your own domain names or you may use ours. Though it is not necessary to register only second-level domain names, you may use your own third-level domain names (such as russianwomen.yoursite.com) or our third level domain names (for example Russian-women.rus-women.com).

For the second level domain names you do the DNS settings for your domain names yourself or point your domain names to our servers ns1.rus-women.com or ns2.rus-women.com as dns servers for your domain, where everything is already set. After that you can use the information from your other projects in your dating site and promote it in the search engines

What are the advantages of your own web site in comparison with affiliate links?

  1. For the beginners
    • This is an excellent way to start and by the way the only one. Only there you can create your first site or even sites. All you need is to register a new domain, to think about the suitable name for the site and see its availability.
    • There is also an opportunity to use our third-level domain names if you have no desire to register your own. And it is absolutely free.
    • Your next step is to add the domain to search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or MSN, and the information or links to your blogs. Also you may tell to your friends to visit your site.
    • As a result you own your project! It is not only a brilliant start but also a great opportunity to expand your business in the Internet.
  2. For SEO masters
    • You can easily promote the web sites through the search engines.
    • The number of sites you can create is unrestricted. And every site can have different design. The title, keywords, texts and description can be easily changed. So every site will have its own visitors!
    • The information will spread as visitors, who enjoy your site, tell about it to friends and acquaintances. It is YOUR SITE that will be promoted and advertised. And people will visit YOUR SITE! And YOU will receive money!
    • Detailed statistics is available and we are really proud of it. It supplies you with information about visitors, their number and number of those who registered and then paid and search engines they used. So you will be able to know the effectiveness of your optimization for various keywords.
  3. For webmasters with traffic
    • If you already have a successful project with great number of visitors, our program is a good way to keep and increase it. All you need is to register a third-level subdomain and make a link to our site.
    • More and more people will learn about your site as it is advertised by visitors to their friends and acquaintances. And people will visit YOUR site and YOU will get money for it.
    • You can also create several web sites. Their design and texts may be different and every of them will be interesting for particular audience
    • You get your own NEW project. Only imagine that you can get a web site in a few minutes while it usually takes months and even years to develop and promote it!
We will never name certain amount of money you may earn as it really depends on many factors. You should distinguish the number of visitors, the number of registered users and the number of paid members as they bring different income. Visitor does not necessary become a registered user and a registered user may never pay. The statistics says that from 6 people registered on the site only one becomes a paid member. It is also proven that people from India, Africa, Iran etc will never pay. There is no information about the percentage of those visitors who register as it fully depends on the content:

* If you use the link to our site placed on your own site, then the visitors you have correspond to the content of your site.

* In case if you have your own site, you should realize how important the title, description, keywords and content are (remember that you have an opportunity to change all these things yourself). It will certainly result in number of visitors as they can find your site through keywords given by search engines.

We've found out that the percentage of attendants is high if the keywords are "Russian women", and on the opposite the percentage is low if the words are "free nude girls". Keep it in mind. From our side we are trying to do best to keep and increase the number of visitors but it also depends on you.
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